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Νοέμβριος 28, 2008 / dilated

Pump the brakes

genocide on genocide – destroyed knowledge crushed pride
lost culture to civilization – reduced abused beyond dignity
contemplation exploitation – ring the bell of information
blocked the truth convincing, controlling – held us down unthinking, unknowing
oppressed so many for so long – we’ve ignored the facts, and moved along
we gotta pump the brakes
wasting resources, face some facts and detect the causes – cause our progression equals
destruction, people getting killed by government corruption
cause making most of the land, that’s the plan, you gotta understand
that 50 years down the line, there wont be no time, the time is now.
drained so much for so long – we’ve ignored the costs and moved along
time to pump the brakes
gotta pump the brakes, pump pump the brakes…

υ.γ. Ναι ξέρω, σχεδόν αδύνατο να καταλάβεις τους στίχους χωρίς να τους διαβάζεις, αλλά οκ…this is hardcore punk…enjoy!

υ.γ. Βασικά το κομμάτι είναι για να κατεβαίνεις Κηφησίας, από το ΚΑΤ στο κέντρο, με το ποδήλατο σε ώρα αιχμής!


One Comment

  1. HellBoy / Νοέ. 28 2008 4:44 μμ

    Kourdisma se FLO!


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